Table 2.

Quoyloo Meadow pollen zone information (including the algae Pediastrum)

LPAZDepth (cm)Key indicators
QMP-11131–136Filicales, Corylus, Betula
QMP-10136–144.5Poaceae, Corylus, Betula
QMP-8150.5–164Poaceae, Corylus, Pinus
QMP-7164–184Poaceae, Pinus, Betula
QMP-6184–189Empetrum, Betula, Poaceae
QMP-5189–192Pediastrum, Betula, Empetrum, Poaceae
QMP-4192–202Pinus, Artemisia, Pediastrum
QMP-3202–210Empetrum, Pediastrum, Cyperaceae
QMP-2210–217Betula, Poaceae, Pediastrum
QMP-1217–223Pediastrum, Poaceae, Rumex

Shown are the local pollen assemblage zone (LPAZ) number, the depth at which they occur in the sequence and the key indicators within each zone.