Table 1.

Generalized stratigraphic column

Thickness (m)
Scottish Coal Measures Group (CMSC; Carboniferous; Westphalian)
Upper Coal Measures FmUCMSBolsovian–Westphalian DSst, Slst, Mdst, Strk and C, mostly reddened85–10012705
Middle Coal Measures FmMCMSDuckmantianSst, Slst, Mdst, Lst, C and Strk1601160–2005
Lower Coal Measures FmLCMSLangsettianSst, Slst, Mdst, Strk and C1002100–1605
Clackmannan Group (CKN; Carboniferous; latest Visean and Namurian)
Passage FmPGPArnsbergian–LangsettianMainly Sst and fireclay85375–2005
Upper Limestone FmULGSPendleian–ArnsbergianSst, Dlst, Mdst, marine Lst, C and Strk250–2853120–3006
Limestone Coal FmLSCPendleianSst, Slst, Mdst, Lst, C and Strk270–3403300–3605
Lower Limestone FmLLGSBrigantian–PendleianSst, Slst, Mdst, marine Lst, with thin C60–1803100–2105
Strathclyde Group (SYG; Carboniferous; Visean)
Lawmuir FmLWMBrigantianMainly Sst, with Slst, Mdst, Lst, C and Strk0–33030–2005
Kirkwood FmKRWAsbian–BrigantianTuffaceous Mdst and tuffs0–3530–355
Clyde Plateau Volcanic FmCPVChadian–AsbianBasalt, with tuffs and volcaniclastic sediments300–5003400–9007
Inverclyde Group (INV; Carboniferous; Tournaisian and earliest Visean)
Clyde Sandstone FmCYDChadianWhite Sst, part pebbly, part concretionary0–6030–1005
Ballagan FmBGNCourceyan–ChadianMdst and thin dolomitic Lst (cementstones)130–245420–1705
Kinnesswood FmKNWCourceyanRed and white Sst, and pedogenic Lst (cornstones)75–25031505
Stratheden Group (SAG; Upper Devonian)
Stockiemuir Sandstone FmSCKUpper DevonianRed and grey-purple cross-bedded Sst4003355

This table, based on information from Forsyth et al. (1996) and Hall et al. (1998), lists the modern BGS stratigraphic terminology for the study area, which supersedes earlier versions. The basal part of the Kinnesswood Formation might date from the uppermost Devonian (Frasnian stage). The Lawmuir Formation is the lateral equivalent of the Upper Oil Shale (UOS) in Figure 2.

Sources: 1Forsyth & Brand (1986), 2Forsyth (1979), 3Hall et al. (1998), 4Barnhill borehole, IGS (1978), 5Forsyth et al. (1996), 6Forsyth (1982), 7Monaghan (2014).

C, Coal; Ist, Ironstone; Lst, Limestone; Mdst, Mudstone; Slst, Siltstone; Sst, Sandstone; Strk, Seatrock.